Saturday, December 1, 2012

On Blogging.

This is what I look like.
I am Sasha. I don't have the time to blog.

Blogging is terrifying. Twitter is easy. It clears my head throughout the day. Keeping it all bottled up for a blog seems unhealthy, like mental constipation. Twitter is regular. This is probably the most cliche first blog post of all time. Recently, I was cringing my way through my high school LiveJournal and Xanga. It was physically painful, but necessary. Writing can go bad quickly, like a banana, or something. (That sentence was bad before it was even finished.) Maybe, if i'm lucky, I'll read this again soon and be relieved when its actually slightly endearing.

I have two reasons for starting a blog: I like attention, and my friend Joy started a blog and asked me why I didn't have one yet. That's it.

Here are some things I might write about on this blog: poetry, college, baseball, presidents, American history, British comedy, graduate school applications, myself, race, hair, UFC, my nieces and nephews, coffee, television, baking, depression, living in an apartment for the first time, decoration of said apartment, my (future) cat, etc.

This is my favorite Monty Python sketch, for future reference:

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  1. When you have a contract with a major publisher (or write for The Onion) will you still remember me? I hope so...